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It is with heavy heart to let you know that ARLS has lost one of it’s honourary members – Mr. Fred Tarlton – on October 23, 2013 at 103 years of age.

Funeral Services will be held on Monday, October 28th at Hainstock`s Funeral Home, 9810 – 34th avenue Edmonton at 2pm.

Mr. Fred Tarlton was born March 15, 1910.
Some images of his fascinating life

[Editor’s note: The following article was written by Bill Mackay, Terry & Shauna Willoughby and was originally published in the NALS Quarterly Bulletin, March 1, 2010, Vol. 64 No.1]
Fred Tarlton, the first Albertan to hybridize lilies will turn 100 years old this year.
Fred was born in Derbyshire, England on March 15, 1910. He came to Canada with his family at the age of three. The family settled in Consort, Alberta, about 200 miles south east of Edmonton, where his father had purchase a hardware store that included a tinsmith business. As he was growing up Fred learned how to make pails and other utensils from tin using the basic tools at hand in the store. Fred continued to create tin trays and pots for his plants through out his life and they are a prized item to have.

When times got tough in the late 1920’s Fred left his father’s retail business and became a teacher. An early teaching position was at Rich Valley where Fred became friends with Georges Bugnet – the eminent early Alberta rose hybridizer (Therese Bugnet is his best known rose) and prominent Francophone writer – who was also secretary of the school board. Fred was eager to practice French, so on Thursday evenings he would visit Georges and they would converse in French. Georges shared his plant hybridizing philosophy with Fred: “hybrids have to be hardy in Alberta‟s climate”.

Fred served in World War II as a navigator with the royal Canadian Air Force. After the war Fred grew seeds of different lily species that he obtained from mail order catalogs. Eventually he found sources of bulbs of already domesticated cultivars and started crossing them.

Fred developed one of the first yellow up-facing Asiatics, ‘Amulet’ and ‘Corianne’, a lovely pink bicolour named after his grand daughter. Other Tarlton Asiatics include: ‘Alphard’, ‘Cool Breeze’, ‘Mamaska’, ‘Melusina’ and ‘Snowbird’. Fred made particularly significant contributions to martagon hybridizing and some of this well known martagon cultivars include: ‘Akimina’, ‘Ameltia’, ‘Attiwaw’, ‘Moonyeen’, and ‘Sarcee’. Fred‟s martagons have won a number of awards as has Fred himself.

Fred is a life member of both the North American Lily Society and Alberta Regional Lily Society. In 2001 he received the E.H. Wilson Award, NALS’s highest honour, given to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the genus Lilium. The Edmonton Horticultural Society, at its centennial celebration in July 2009, honoured Fred with a trophy for his lifetime of horticultural achievement.


More on Mr. Tarlton

Fred is a founding member of the Alberta Regional Lily Society, and has been instrumental in providing educational programs on lilies for members and the gardening public. Fred’s gift to the lily world has been his amazing work in hybridizing martagon lilies – almost every person who collects martagons has one of Fred’s hybrids in their collection. A true pioneer in Alberta in this area of lily hybridizing. The Best Stem of the yearly Martagon Show is called the Fred Tarlton Award.

Prior to helping form ARLS over 29 years ago, Fred joined ARLS’ parent society, the North American Lily Society in 1953 and wrote numerous articles for their lily publications. The ARLS sponsored award for a first place stem with the highest bud count in the NALS Show was named the Fred Tarlton Award, as requested by ARLS.

Fred is also longstanding member of CPLS and has been a regional director and is Honorary director of the society. Fred has attended many of their shows over the years. The “Best Martagon Stem Award at CPLS Annual Lily Show” is the Fred Tarlton Award.

Fred Tarlton – congratulations on reaching such a milestone age of 103, and Thank You for all you’ve done in your work on hybridizing lilies.

Here’s an article on Fred that Gene Fox wrote – as posted on the MRLS site


Alex Burnett

Some very sad news, Mr. Alex Burnett of Vermilion, Alberta passed away February 2, 2012 at aged 89.

Alex was a former President of ARLS, lily enthusiast, grower, hybridizer, Regional Medal Winner, and an all-around great guy. He joined ARLS when Fred Fellner bought him a gift membership in the early years of the Society, as Fred recognized Alex’s budding interest in lilium.

Alex wrote several articles for NALS, and has registered some outstanding Asiatic lilies – ‘Night Flyer’ being one of his favourites – a gorgeous black-red lily. Alex’s registered lilies featured many names inspired by his adventures as a pilot and flight instructor for the RCAF – ‘Contrails’, ‘Night Flyer’, ‘High Flight’, ‘Wing Commander’.

Alex had a wonderful sense of humour and was quick to get a laugh with his amusing stories. He will be sadly missed.

No funeral service is planned, as per Alex’s request. I will post his obituary once it is published.

A link to an article and images of Alex’s lilies is found here, at www.plantlilies.com Alex Burnett

Shauna Willoughby


Floral Design News
How exciting! A floral design article by ARLS’ board member Cecilia Bertram, who was featured in an outstanding internationally distributed design magazine from New Zealand.
Click on this link for the entire article published on the ARLS site with permission from magazine publisher.

Thanks Cecilia for mentioning your love of lilies and where your floral design “roots” were first started.
Congratulations! Editor

Info on the publication:
Floral Design magazine


Lily Judges
Did you know that the Alberta Regional Lily Society has a number of highly skilled and experienced North American Lily Society Accredited Judges as their members?

To keep their accredited judge status, all NALS Judges are to either judge, classify, or chair a lily show – preferably at least once per calendar year, and must also possess a current NALS membership.

They say that regular lily-related activity is a healthy part of a lily judges lifestyle – and being around lilium helps keeps them happy!

Each of the following Alberta-located ARLS members has completed the comprehensive NALS Lily Judges classroom training; student judging components; have passed the NALS Judges exam; and are listed as Active Judges with NALS: Maureen Bexson, Sharon Bury, Kevin Frey, Laurie Hepper, Leo Krupka, Linda Lockwood, Lil McLean, Marie Wenger, Shauna Willoughby, and Terry Willoughby.

There are also a few ARLS members who are currently working on getting their judges accreditation and are considered student judges with NALS.

To learn more about lilies, judging, and the like, please visit NALS

We are looking for interesting lily-related articles! If you would like to share your lily experiences, please contact the Web Editor

Our lilies are now dormant, so please check back in early January for information on the Winter Mingle.

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