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2016 Annual Martagon Lily Show Report 

As the planning was underway for this year’s 21st Annual Martagon Show there was a great deal of concern about how many stems would be entered in the Show. The early spring with late frosts seemed to once again pose some challenges for our annual event. March had temperatures that were in the high 20 degree C and then in mid-May the thermometer dropped as low as minus 10. Rural gardeners were plagued with blind stems and damaged inflorescences due to the frost; while many of our urban Martagon growers saw their flowers come and go before the Show. Due to the frost the Martagon bed at the Devonian Botanic Garden, where we partner to host the Show, usually provides a splendid display but this year only had three stems in bloom. Read more >

2016 Martagon Lily Show Record – Newsletter (PDF)