The Alberta Regional Lily Society was formed in 1983 by enthusiastic lily fanciers. Their mandate from that time has not changed – the Society’s main objectives are as follows:


The Alberta Regional Lily Society is an affiliate of the North American Lily Society.



PRESIDENT: Lorne Kaban (2023-2025) 
VICE PRESIDENT: Ieuan Evans (2023-2025)
PAST PRESIDENT: Diane Skimming
SECRETARY: Laurie Hepper (2023-2025) 
TREASURER Britta Johnson (2023-2025)


Lindsay Andreasen (2022-2024)
Donna Coble (2023-2025
Mike Danchak (2022-2024)
Suzanna Durand (2022-2024)
Faye McDougal (2023-2025)
Bill McKay (2022-2024)
Suzanne Stack (2023-2025) 
LIBRARIAN: Terry Willoughby (Board Appointed to 2024)
NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Laurie Hepper (Board Appointed to 2024)
Web Editor: Danie Hardie (Board Appointed to 2024)