Lily Basics

Read the five part Lily Basics series from Olds College, including:


Download the Lily Basics brochure from Olds College.

Lily Leaf Beetle

Unfortunately, the Red Lily Leaf Beetle (Lilioceris lilii) has been found to overwinter in Alberta, with most confirmed sitings in the Calgary region. As of 2017, the beetle has spread from north-west Sherwood Park across the north of Edmonton and into St Albert with additional sitings reported in Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan and other areas of Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

Find out more information from these sites and learn to identify and control this most devastating lilium pest.

Report a sighting

To report at Lily Beetle sighting in Alberta – contact:

ARLS Publication on the Red Lily Beetle –re-published April 2017

Information on the lily beetle

Some great regional information on the lily beetle – an informative article by Lynnette Westfall –

Royal Horticultural Society – Lily Beetle Project

University of Guelph
Lily beetle article 

University of Massachusettes
They also have a downloadable PDF fact sheet about the Lily Leaf Beetle, Courtesy of URI Extension: Lily Leaf Beetle Fact Sheet

Garden Web Lily Beetle Fact Sheet

City of Calgary pest management      The City of Calgary offers gardeners a resource page on how to manage the beetle in your garden.

B&D Lilies  Red Lily Beetle Fact Sheet        Information on how to control the beetle

Floral Design Links

Floral Design Sites to check-out as recommended by ARLS’ Design Show Chairman, Cecilia Bertram:

Lily Societies and Groups

North American Lily Society
Really into lilies? The North American Lily Society (NALS) is the parent society of the Alberta Regional Lily Society. NALS membership benefits include a yearbook, quarterly bulletins, and other publications. Runs an amazing, comprehensive world-wide lily seed exchange.

Ontario Lily Society
Founded in 1966 ORLS serves Ontario and eastern Canada. Their annual show is held at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington Ontario in July.

Canadian Prairie Lily Society
Founded in 1967, the CPLS serves Saskatchewan.

Manitoba Regional Lily Society
The friendly MRLS serves lily enthusiasts in Manitoba.

South Saskatchewan Lily Society
SSLS serves southern Saskatchewan.

Victoria Lily Society
VLS serves the Greater Victoria, British Columbia region. Hosted NALS 2008

Lily Cultural Information and Photos

Various lily informational reference sites:

HortiPlex Plant Database – Lilium information (search results, so content may vary).

Jaap van Tuyl
Lily breeding information with lots on genetics.

Lilium in wikipedia

Lily Gallery
Personal website of a local lily fancier. Page no longer connected.

Lily Net Page
Lots of useful and interesting lily information organized and gathered by Walter Britton of BC. Page no longer connected.

On-line Lily Register
RHS Online Lily Registry searchable format.

Royal Horticultural Society Lily Group
The RHS is the International Registration Authority for lilies, and publishes a Register of cultivar names used in the genus. Regular supplements are published to update the Register.

Tulip Breaking Virus in wikipedia 


Lily-related Discussion Forums

Cold Zone Gardens
Jim Sullivan recently named his black-red Asiatic “In the Zone” after this group! Lilies are often the topic of discussion in the ‘Zone due to their huge popularity amongst prairie gardeners, but other perennial plants and gardening tips for gardening in zone’s 2-4 are also welcome.

A Yahoo lily forum devoted to explore all aspects of growing, hybridizing, and propagating Oriental, Asiatic, trumpet, martagon, and species lilies and their hybrids.

Pacific Bulb Society
The Pacific Bulb Society (PBS) for the benefit of people who garden with bulbs that will grow outdoors on the Pacific Rim; from Alaska to South America, and from Russia to Australia. This includes both cold hardy and tender bulbs, and all the bulbs in between. Pacific Bulb Society wiki
PBS wiki – look for Lilium under “Photographs And Information”.


A Facebook group

Lilium Real Lilies

A Facebook group

Commercial Suppliers of Lily Bulbs and/or Seeds in Canada

Dr. Ieuan Evans

A great selection of martagons hybridized by Dr. Evans.

Martagon lilies
Martagons grown in Northeast Edmonton.  780-478-7929

Rundlewood Gardens 
Specialty nursery and martagons in the City of Calgary. location shopping only

The Lily Nook 
All varieties of lilium. Mail order and in person.  Neepawa, Manitoba

Skinner Nursery   

Nursery plants developed by Dr Frank Skinner, martagons, species, asiatics. Roblin, Manitoba  204-564-2236

Jeffries Nurseries Ltd 
Lilium and nursery plants.  Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

Varieties from all divisions of lilium. Thamesville, Ontario

LilyCrest Gardens
Bergman seedlings- OTs, asiatics, orientals, and trumpets from an active hybirdizing program. Toronto, Ontario



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