Lily Show Schedule


July 21-23 , 2023
Greenland Garden Center, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Section 3: Floral Design

ENTRIES will be ACCEPTED from 4-7pm on Friday, July 21, and in the morning until 9:30 am on Saturday, July 22.

JUDGING begins promptly at 10:00 am on July 22, 2023. The Design Section is judged by an accredited floral design judge. Areas of the show will be closed to the public during judging.

PUBLIC VIEWING: July 22, 1 pm until closing, and July 23 from 10 am- 4 pm.

ENTRY TAGS may be obtained at the show.

TABLE SPACE IS LIMITED! Please let us know how many entries you will have (see below) as soon as possible so space can be allotted and damage avoided.

Entries not made according to the Show Schedule or violating the rules will be disqualified. Please read through the Rules and instructions carefully.

Information and examples will be given on the ARLS website at and on Facebook at Albertaregionallilysociety.

Floral Design Entries will be judged using the following scale:

● Design…………………………..30%
● Colour Harmony…………….20%
● Distinction……………………..20%
● Creativity & Expression……10%
● Conformance………………….10%
● Condition……………………….10%

For possible total of:………….100%

Design Awards:

● Cecilia Bertram Award for Best Design
● Design Sweepstakes Award (most 1st) – Gold and Silver
● Lilium Award (Design that most enhances the lily)
● Youth Exhibitor Award
● First Time Design Exhibitor Award
● People’s Choice Award

1) Classes 1-8 are open to anyone who wishes to enter.

2) First Time Exhibitor Best Design Award (FTE) design entry may be in any Class 1 to 9 and must be marked FTE after exhibitor number on entry show card.

3) Exhibitors may enter one design in each Class.

4) The Design entries cannot be changed in any way after judging and must be maintained until the time stated above

5) For Floral Design classes, lilies and other plant material do not have to be grown by the Exhibitor.

6) A fresh lily or lilies (genus Lilium) must be included in each design. Lilies must be the dominant feature of the arrangement.

7) No artificial flowers or foliage are permitted. Fresh, treated, or dried plant material is permitted.

8) Note For classes 1, 2, and 3, gypsophila (baby’s breath) is not permitted.

9) Plant material cannot include any plants listed as noxious or prohibited noxious. Other “weeds” are allowed.

10) The maximum space allotted to each design is 60 cm (24″) across and deep. Available space is usually less to accommodate the number of entries or the size of the venue.


Classes 1-3 may be done in any style.

1. Vase containing lilies as the only flower(s), and foliage if desired. The vessel height can range from 20-30 cm (8-12″) tall with a mouth 8-15 cm (3-6″) wide. The vessel is clear and untinted, such as glass or plastic/acrylic.

2. Basket containing lilies. The Basket may be made of any material but must have a fixed handle visible and the design may be viewed from all around.

3. Bowl containing lilies. A bowl is any vessel with a mouth that is as wide or wider than its height, regardless of its shape.

Creative Arrangements 2023

Theme: Hail to the farmers!

In Classes 4-9, accessories are allowed. Lilies must be the dominant flower featured in the designs. Designs can be done in the traditional style or modern creative style of design unless the style is specified.

4. Tools – a transparency design. Using creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance, the farmer both creates and uses many tools, from simple implements to smart machinery.

5. Small-scale operations- a small design (8” x 8” x 8” maximum). In spite of encroaching corporate entities, snall-scale farming, such as urban or hobby farms, provide delicious products.

6. Crops and herds – a tapestry design. Unlike our home gardens, farms strive to produce enough for our communities as well as themselves.

7. Farm to table – a Hogarth Curve mass design. We celebrate the process of getting the raw products ready and distributed for use.

8. *New* open to trained designers or florists – Making ends meet – a stretch design. Most farming is seasonal so how a farmer spends the rest of the year has a great impact on the farm’s profitability.

9. Junior – designer’s choice. Class 9 is restricted to youth 16 and under.

Youth may enter any other class.

Floral Design Co-Chairs

Dianne Skimming 587-284-2284

Suzanne Stack